Friday, December 12, 2008

Lunch box

My new bento box! (A gift to myself ;-)


Lulette said...

As a writer, I can’t tell you how consternating it is when a designer (with fabulous taste and style to boot) has a flair for words too. Totally unfair distribution of talent! I.e. (jealousy notwithstanding) – Love the look, love the stories, love your blog!


p.s. lagniappe! thanks for the awesome new word.

Anonymous said...

Mimi-this is awesome! If you served it up as a Bento Box gifty, I would surely buy it. You find the coolest thangs, girl! Carol []

alex said...

too funny! I gave the square version of this box to Corey (my husband), same color scheme, even!
We are obsessed with all things bento-ish--good news for you!!

Bento Box Girl said...

Aren't they fun? What's Cory doing with his bento box? Does he use it for lunch or for stuff?

alex said...

right now it just looks pretty on our kitchen counter--ha! we are still searching for the perfect use. but at least we get to enjoy it aesthetically in the meantime!
Hope you had a fun day at Firefly. I'll look forward to hearing when we can meet!