Sunday, February 22, 2009

Charmed, I'm sure!

Speaking of wine charms, these are some of my favorites.
I like the range; from the completely impossible "billionaire" (when it comes to guests at my house, anyway) mixed with directly to the point and oh, so true.

Wondering about me? I'm definitely "here for the food". Although I have it on good authority (thanks, Mom) that "sweetheart" applies, too.

So, what would yours say? These charms are hand painted, so the choices are endless....


Anonymous said...

"We must be out of bourbon."

Firefly on Penn said...

there are so many choices, really. hard to pick just one. here are some of my favs:
"someone's ex"
"ask me about my tattoos!"
"Om girl"
"martini maven"
the list goes on......

Bento Box Girl said...

I can vouch for martini maven. Now you can add thrifty girl!