Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your lucky number

Congratulations to the winner of the summer Bento Box Gift giveaway, lucky number 63! The winner gets this cheerful "Sunny Side Up" Bento Box Gift.

I found this cute little bento box in Toyko. Printed on the front is the optimistic message, " I wish it is a good day today. " So I filled it with a few Japanese snacks, a fried egg squeezie to help you keep your sunny side up and your cholesterol down, Chicken Poop Lip Junk which is made with natural, soothing ingredients none of which are actually chicken poop, bamboo sporks for scooping slaw or whatever you pack for your afternoon snack, and a completely chicken-free, synthetic Lucky Break wishbone.

If you want your own "Sunny Side Up" box, visit one of my favorite boutiques: Firefly on Penn in West Reading, PA or Comfort & Joy in Bethlehem, PA.

And yes, by now I guess you've noticed that the summer - and the giveaway - ended long ago. Well, there's a brand new giveaway going on over at Log on to Joanna's great blog for the details!

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