Thursday, December 3, 2009

Special edition boxes

Sunny Side Up
A cheery yellow Bento Box designed to improve your outlook. $18
WHAT'S INSIDE: Fried egg squeeze toy to lower stress (and cholesterol). Bamboo sporks. Lucky Break wishbone. Chicken Poop lip junk (all natural ingredients, no poop). Plus a stack of very tasty Japanese rice crackers.

Music Mix 
 Stir up some spirits, play your favorite music mix, be the perfect host. Garnish however you wish. $38
WHAT'S INSIDE: Vintage-style records are really labels & sleeves for your CDs. Matchbooks dressed up like books with titles that should be in everybody's library. Cube-shaped shot glass. Whiskey sour mix. Swizzle sticks to mix up a Tom Collins; cool geometric shapes in four happy-hour colors. Chocolate fortune cookie. Plus your choice of a smooth, rich, chocolate cigar -- or for the ladies, a classic red lipstick pen.

Slice o' Cake
Chocolate layer cake stress toy is perfect for alleviating birthday stress or wishing someone a happy anniversary. Dig in! Only $4.99 (Cheaper than some greeting cards!) WHAT'S INSIDE: Cake squeezie in a clear cello bag with a bundle of candles. Gift tag included.

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