Thursday, July 8, 2010

Conserving Energy

Wow. The last time I posted anything the snow was piled high. Now it's close to 100 degrees. It's so hot inside my car that the glue holding the handles on the shopping bags is melting; and right now my car is full of bags from a big Two Thrifty Girls shopping spree. If you haven't visited, Mabel and Vi [that's me] invite you to browse our Thrifty Girls vintage finds at etsy.

Anyway, with all this nasty heat, the electric company has asked us to conserve energy. So we're doing our best to comply. Calvin, as you can tell from his photo, is never one to squander energy.

If you want to conserve your own energy for lounging by the pool or any other cool activity, give a Bento Box Gift. It's an easy way to garner praises without ever breaking a sweat. Click, shop, send and be happy!

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