Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Grand - Keys for the City

I do love pink! Here's my creation for the "Keys for the City" project in Lancaster, PA. Twenty donated pianos were painted and pasted and otherwise decked out by artists and designers and unloaded at designated spots around the city -- yes, just like the piano projects in New York and London -- for anyone to play.

My piano wears a pink tu-tu. And a lace-up bustier. It's a mash-up of an upright piano and a grand piano, sponsored by "Music For Everyone." It's intended as a gathering place; the perfect spot to pull up a barstool, have a pink martini and enjoy the music. Pianos are on exhibit through September 17th.

Special thanks to Music for Everyone, Society of Design, Mayor's Office of Special Events, the City of Lancaster and all the volunteers that made this exhibit possible. And my new friends at Lowe's.
Take a peek behind the scenes at the Society of Design blog. Have you seen my design portfolio?

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