Friday, May 4, 2012

Feng Shui Auspiciousness

“Which is more important, work or health or happiness?” Good question. One author sets out to align her furniture with the conflicting principles of feng shui to create an auspicious space. After moving the bed from the wealth corner to the marriage corner and back again, she offers this good advice:

“I still move the bed every few months, gambling that a little bit of a stomach ache is a small price to pay for true love or that, since I need to work hard, it’s as well not to travel. I have discovered that I have only two fundamental rules: make sure that everywhere you might want to sit is soft and everywhere you might want to work is hard. Because wherever you can sit you can also sleep and wherever you can type you can also eat. From this evolve two simple rules. Do not sit on the stove. Do not type in bed. As for the rest, I shall simply have to wish for things to work out, like everyone else does.”

I want to credit the author of this piece but the page I pulled from the magazine {TASTE Magazine by Williams-Sonoma, I believe} doesn’t include her name. Contact me if you have info as to her whereabouts, please!

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